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LeadingAge Colorado On Demand Webinars

Our marketplace holds the webinars that have been offered during COVID at $29/each webinar for members and $49/each for nonmembers

Have Confidence in Your Clean
Now more than ever it is important to highlight all your community is doing to keep residents and their families out of harm’s way.  Maintaining your community’s appearance and condition directly reflects on the care you put into the resident experience. Spaces that sparkle are the details that matter in someone’s day.

COVID-19 Testing Webinar
Some of the biggest questions we face today revolve around COVID-19 testing. During this free webinar join Josh Allen, RN, Principal at Allen Flores Consulting Group, who will discuss the different types of testing available, what their results mean, how to access testing for residents and staff, and current CDC and public health guidance.

Engagement Technology – Now More than Ever Webinar
The Covid 19 crisis has brough to the forefront of senior living the importance of staying connected, and the consequences of being isolated.  This webinar will show attendees how technology can help keep residents and families connected in the midst of the crisis. (and beyond).  You will see a myriad of resources, many of them free, that will help you use technology to keep the connections alive and blossoming.    The session is 100% designed for non-technical individuals, and you will walk away with multiple ideas and solutions for your own setting.  You will walk away with a new set of resources to utilize, and stories of inspiration you can emulate. 

Effective Communications to Rise Above the Noise Webinar
The noise in the senior living industry is deafening. How does one community stand out from another? How do you know if you are reaching the right audience, and how do they perceive value? During this presentation, you will walk away with the tools needed for answering the who, what, when, where, and why of your communications strategy, and developing a clear path for meeting your Big Important Goal.

Lit Up or Lights Out? A Toolkit for maintaining stamina and personal well-being during prolonged periods of high impact
This interactive webinar dives deep into control and mindfulness, key factors in resilience. Effective, solution-focused thinking is critical to managing issues for which we are responsible and provides equilibrium when faced with situations beyond our control. Empowering, proactive rituals increase energy-driving behaviors and support prolonged periods of stress in high-impact work. Creating “bookends” for transitioning between work and non-work periods, and “micro-moments of recovery” during our workday when time is at a premium, are tools for facing each challenge with strength and confidence. This webinar addresses individual, team, systemic and organizational strategies for elevated energy, enhanced self- and staff-care, and stamina necessary to face the current COVID-19 Crisis.

Barbara Speedling presents: Modifying Therapeutic Activity and Psychosocial Services to Meet the Individual Needs of All Residents
The moratorium on visitation and social distancing within the facility environment will require a modification of therapeutic activity programming from groups to an individual focus. Likewise, social workers and psychologists will need to increase psychosocial services to residents struggling with the restrictions of this pandemic. This session explores the most efficient methods of ensuring the behavioral health needs of residents and staff are addressed successfully through improved coordination and teamwork.

Accounting for COVID-19 Relief Funding
This session will provide an overview of the various COVID-19 relief programs and how to present receipt of funds in the financial statements. The presenter will provide various methods to track reimbursable costs within the general ledger, including setup and integration with payroll and procurement systems.

Contact Tracing Best Practice Sharing – Learn from Fellow LAC Member

Purchase this webinar to learn and share best practices regarding contact tracing within your senior living and care community. Craig Erickson from Wind Crest will share information about a tracking system they developed in their Colorado community and how you can try something similar in your own organization.

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