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Contact Your Legislator

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The easiest way to make a difference in senior living advocacy is by getting in contact with your local legislator. It is important to do your part to make your voice heard at the State Capital to legislators that have the power to install change.

Schedule a Visit…

The best way to get a legislator’s attention is to schedule a meeting with them in person either at your senior living or care community or their office. By speaking face to face, you’re able to make requests more personal and explain your stance better.

How to schedule a visit:
Call your local legislator’s office and request an appointment. 

During the visit:
Concisely explain how the issues will affect you, your residents, employees and community as a whole. Tell personal stories to make the issue appeal to the emotions of your legislator. If the visit is at your community, take your legislator for a tour and let them talk with residents and staff. 

After the visit:
Follow up with a personal letter thanking them for their time. 

Write a Letter…

An email to your legislator is enough to make a difference and draw attention to an issue.

How to write an email:

  • Identify the issue and bill number of concern
  • Explain why you are concerned/interested in the issue
  • State how the issue will affect you, your residents, employees, and community as a whole
  • Include as many facts supporting your case as possible
  • Ask them to take a specific action (i.e. support or oppose)
  • Invite them to contact you to discuss the issue further
  • Thank them for taking the time to read your letter

Writing tips:

  • Address only one issue per email
  • Keep the email brief
  • Include your company/community’s logo if possible

Make a Phone Call…

When making a phone call to your legislator its best have a list of talking points or a prepared message on hand if they do not answer. This ensures you don’t forget anything and gets them all the information they need about the issue and your stance. As always, remember to be polite and keep the call as short as possible to show you value their time. 

How to make a phone call to your legislator:

  • Identify yourself by stating your title and name
  • Give a bill number if possible
  • Present the issue and state the action you would like to be taken
  • Ask for their position on the issue
  • Request a response
  • Give them a way to reach you to follow up
  • Thank them for their time